Cool Skype Tips And Tricks For 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

skype tips and tricks

Skype is the greatest tool to make audio calls, video calls and immediate messaging and also comes with some hidden Skype tips and tricks. Also, we know that Skype is the best software product developed by Microsoft, which will always support telecommunications.

It will allow changing digital documents like files, audios, images, videos. And Skype provides audio and video conferences.

Since it was established in 2003, Skype has become a natural form of communication for maximum people out there. When it comes to VoIP excellent services, there is no much better option than Skype.

It offers tons of great features and keeps including more. You can easily and quickly make a video or audio call and even create group calls with up to 25 people.

There is simply many Skype offers that it becomes almost difficult and impossible to take advantage of everything.

In short, Skype is a wonderful tool for business people to communicate, one to one calls, and also group calls.  

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Skype Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Here we have list best and cool Skype tips and tricks you should know to get the most out of your Skype experience. And in the coming time, it is getting even better from its cool skype trick.

1.) Backup Skype Chat History

backup chat history | skype tips and tricks

Skype deletes earlier chat history after a specified time, so if you want to keep the record of your conversations, so you have to back it up. This is one of the best and easy Skype tips and tricks.

To backup Skype chat/conversation history:-

  • Firstly open “Run” command and then enter the command “%appdata%\skype” and then simply click on “OK”.
  • Now a window will open up, a folder with your “Skype ID” as the name. Then you will find a file named “main.DB”, this file includes all your Skype conversations history.
  • Simply copy and save the file somewhere safe, either in your computer or on external storage.

2.) Use Skype Wi-Fi

use wifi | skype tips and tricks

So don’t have access to the internet? Paid Wi-Fi hotspots seem a little bit high/expensive? Then try Skype best Wi-Fi using your Skype credit. You can use a hotspot using Skype great Wi-Fi application and your Skype credit will be simply used for internet access.

Skype claims about having access to over 2 million best Wi-Fi hotspots. So you can easily download the all app from both iOS and Android, and easily and quickly search for the supported hotspot closest to you.

3.) Remove All Skype Ads

remove ads | skype tips and tricks

Skype ads can be a little bit irritating and get in your way while you communicating with peoples. So you can get cleared of all the Skype ads manually right from your computer or system. This great Skype tips and tricks which is most important that everyone should know.

  • Simply go to the computer(PC) “Control Panel” and then just click on “Network and Internet”.
  • And then on the next page, click on Internet Options and a further dialog will open up.
  • Now, navigate to the “Security” tab and just click on “Restricted sites”. The “Site” button below will become available, so then click on it.
  • And then next page enter this: “”, and simply click on add.
  • Now, simply and easily restart your computer(PC) and open Skype, you see that all ads will not be visible.

4.) Skype Call Forwarding

call forword | skype tips and tricks

You can easily set up Skype call forwarding to ensure you don’t miss any calls. You can forward calls to another Skype contact or landline or mobile number.

Skype to Skype call forwarding is completely free, but, your Skype credits will be used for call forwarding to landline and mobile numbers.

And you will be charged for the only call, not the caller. And the rates are same as regular rates for all calls to mobile and landlines numbers from Skype.

For those peoples who use Skype for particularly our business, so it is very important to know these Skype tips and tricks.

To set up Skype call forwarding:-

  • Simply click on “Tools” in the top menu and from the menu just click on “Options”.
  • Then a new window will open up, now click on “Calls” and then simply click on “Call forwarding”.  
  • Finally, you can set up call forwarding to your desired number.

5.) Use Skype As Remote Control Security Camera

skype as a camera | skype tips and tricks

You can use your Skype account as the best security camera by configuring it to ever answer your incoming call. You will have 2 accounts for this plan.

First is, will receive the call and the different one will call. And one more important thing you should not use your own account as the receiver of the call as other people might also call and easily end up accessing your set up the best security camera.

You simply have to open Skype on your home computer and set the webcam in the direction you want to watch. And after that easily set up automatic call answering on the receiver account.

For this purpose:-

  • Just click on “Tools” and from the menu simply click on “Options”.
  • In options, easily click on “Calls” and then just click on “Call settings”.
  • And in the right panel,  just click on “Show Advanced options”.
  • Now you clearly check the option “Answer incoming calls automatically” and easily enable automatic call answering.
  • Finally, just call from another account anytime you like and you will be capable to watch everything.

6.) Use Skype Button for Customer Support

skype customer support | skype tips and tricks

If you have a very small business and Telephone costs seem a little bit too much, you can also use Skype to give customer support.

Simply get the Skype button and include it to your website. And then customers will be capable to see whether you are offline or online and can easily call via Skype.

7.) Record Skype Calls

skype call record | skype tips and tricks

Skype doesn’t allow built-in call recording great feature, but there are many applications that will combine with Skype to give Call recording great feature.

For this purpose:-

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is a best and great option, it is too light and very easy to use.

8.) Get a Skype Caller ID

caller id | skype tips and tricks

If you want to call landline numbers or all mobile numbers, fixing up Skype caller ID is really important.

To for this purpose:-

  • Simply click on “Skype” in the top menu and then easily click on “My Account” from the menu.
  • And then your Account will easily open up in your default browser as the web page.
  • Finally, you will simply get the option of “Caller ID” under the heading “Manage Features”. Now simply click on it and then set up your caller ID.

9.) Transfer Skype Contacts from One Account To Another

transfer contacts | skype tips and tricks

So if you want to move from one account to another, so you can easily and quickly transfer all contacts from the first account.

  • First, simply click on “Contacts” in the first menu and from the drop-down menu, float your mouse cursor up “Advanced”.
  • Now from the top side menu, just click on “Backup Contacts to File” and the contacts will be easily backed up.
  • The method is equal for restoring in another account, but from the side, menu chooses “Restore Contacts from File” this time.

10.) Edit Sent Messages

edit the messages | skype tips and tricks

You can simply and quickly edit a sent message if there is something you missed.

  • When you send a message, simply click the “Up Arrow” key and the sent message will be easily displayed in the text box.
  • And then edit the message and send again, the previously sent message will be simply replaced with the new and original message.

11.) Re-edit Your Last Message

So for example, suppose you have sent a message (to your friend or any family member) which contains a mistake and you want to edit that message and resend it again?

So you can do this very easily with the use of this best skype trick. For do this just by clicking the Up Arrow Key on your keyboard. And the last message that you’ve sent earlier will appear very easily. And now just make the changes you want and resend the edited message.

12.) Hide Your Typing Status

hide type status | skype tips and tricks

You have to know that when you are typing a message to send to someone, so the status of typing is visible to that person. He/she can clearly see a moving pencil and text “(Your Name) is typing”.

Though it is a great feature, you may want to stop showing this notification to people you chat/communicate. So Skype enables you to do it.

For this purpose:-

  • Simply you have to go to Tools >> Options.
  • And once you click “Options” you will be on the setting page of Skype.
  • Then you click on “Show Advanced Options”.
  • Finally, you have to uncheck the “Show When I am Typing” and simply click on Save. Now you are done! And your typing status won’t be shown to anyone ever.

13.) Multiple Chat Windows

multiple chat window | skype tips and tricks

If you have multiple people to chat/communicate at the same time, you may find it irritating or disturbing to click to their names from the left column every time.

So you have to keep switching to show their chat which may disturb or irritate you. No worry about it! Skype has a great solution for it that you apparently don’t know.

So for this purpose:-

  • First, simply go to View and select Split Window View.
  • Now, when you click to open someone’s chat/conversation, they will open in a new window.

14.) Hide Typing Indicator (Pencil Mark)

hide typing indicator | cool skype tricksIf you don’t want other people to know what you are typing, so you can easily turn off the typing indicator (pencil mark).

For this:-

  • Just click on “Tools” in the top menu and from there simply click on “Options”.
  • Now, click on “IM & SMS” and then click on the below option that is “IM Settings”.
  • And then from the right panel, just click on “Show advanced options” and then uncheck the option “Show when I am typing” to disable this feature.

15.) Clear Skype Chat History

clear skype chat history | cool skype tricks

If you want to delete/remove all your Skype chat history for any specific reason/purpose, so you can easily do it.

For this:-

  • Simply access the best and advanced options of “IM Settings”.
  • And then just click on the button “Clear history” to delete/remove all Skype chat history.

16.) Skype File Sharing

Apart from instant message and calls, Skype also offers the capability to share any types of files. You can easily send files such as videos, documents, photos, and also compressed files, etc. Moreover, Skype also doesn’t put up any type of restrictions on the maximum file size to be sent.

For this:-

  • Simply drag and drop the file in the chat box or use the button/key with “Paper clip” symbol to choose the appropriate file to share.


Therefore, that’s all about best & cool Skype tips and tricks for 2019. These all hidden Skype tips and tricks are best for everyone. Skype is an excellent tool to make a video, audio calls and do instant messaging and many more things.  And these cool Skype tricks make your Skype best. So go and use Skype with these best tips and tricks.

So if you like or love this amazing guide so definitely share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.



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