SHAREit App Features, Apk, Functioning latest version 2019

Shareit for data transmission

SHAREit App created history in data transfer or sharing information(like documents, file, gif and many more). In the initial stage, it was used as a substitute for Bluetooth, but according to time, SHAREit apk updated for user comfort.

At present, science and technology are developing very fast. It plays a key role in human development and civilization. At present, mobile phones have succeeded not only to us but to develop the entire world, to share their civilization, our thoughts with each other. The phone has many functions and applications and software for our convenience. Today we will talk about one of the software named SHAREit.

Shareit key feature
Shareit key feature

What is a SHAREit app

If you use file-sharing apps to transfer different types of files from one device to another? then you must have heard the name “Shareit”.  SHAREit is both computer software and mobile app. SHAREit allows you to share files from one device to another device, with a very fast speed compared to Bluetooth or a local area network. You can also create groups in SHAREit, and send one file at the same time, to many users. You can also send files from your Android Mobile phone to an iPhone, iPad or even computer Windows.

Why It Is So Popular

This app includes some amazing features of itself. In this blog, we will discuss some basic and yet amazing features of the SHAREit app, which make it so useful, versatile and attractive. SHAREit conjointly offers its users a spread of digital diversion from videos, music, movies, GIF, meme, etc. within its app by collaborating with partners like Times Music.

Some Amazing Features Of SHAREit App

shareit feature

SHAREit App has a number of attributes and here we share some of the marvelous characteristics of SHAREit App now:-

  1. Excellent Fast Speed
  2. Built-in Media Player
  3. Support the Cross-platform
  4. Support all platforms
  5. There are no network restrictions

Excellent Fast Speed:-Today though many apps claim that they are the fastest app in the world, SHAREit is on number one in all of them! Therefore SHAREit app is the fastest to share data and there is no doubt about it. Even SHAREit App can transfer files at speeds reaching 20M / s. If you do not feel that fast, you should know that 20M / s is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Support the Cross-platform:- It is an independent platform that can share files between:-

  • Android and Windows Phones
  • PC and Android
  • Android and iOS

That is the best feature of SHAREit App so there are no restrictions on the file formats. virtually  You can share every file format via Shareit. You can connect with Laptop and mobile phones.

Built-in Media Player:- For the better quality of things, SHAREit also has several online videos that come mainly in HD quality and can be viewed offline at any time! Yes, you have read right. SHAREit makes it possible for users to download videos and watch their favorite online content while offline.

Support all platforms:-SHAREit is an app for you, which provides users GIFs, stickers and wallpapers and many more features. This feature makes SHAREit an all-in-one app. In addition, GIFs, wallpapers and stickers that can be found with SHAREit, all of these can be downloaded individually and shared with friends.

There are no network restrictions:- You need not be connected to the internet to share files through share it. all you need is a local connection which can be made using in-built wifi devices. That’s way aways everyone uses this app.

How to download Shareit
How to download Shareit

How to Install or Download SHAREit App in Android and PC in any window

Friends SHAREit is very easy to install, as soon as you download SHAREit in your mobile, then Automatically SHAREit will be installed in your mobile.

But when you download SHAREit in a computer or laptop, you have to install SHAREit, let us know in simple words through two simple steps: How to Install SHAREit

Step – 1: First open your computer’s Downloads folder and double click the downloaded SHAREit’s setup.

Step – 2:  After the setup is open, you will ask for permissions to install, accept it, after that, you will ask SHAREit to install a file from you, just click on Next, after that SHAREit is installed on your laptop or computer.

Friends, now SHAREit has been installed in both your mobile and computer, but now it comes, How to Transfer File Mobile to Laptop

So let us tell you that your mobile device should be connected in order to transfer the File Mobile to Laptop, so first, we tell us how to connect mobile with your pc

How to Connect SHAREit App With Your PC

Most people do download SHAREit but they do not know how to run SHAREIT in the Laptop, so we also remove your problems, let’s know how to run SHAREit in Laptop and Computer

First, open SHAREit in both of your devices (mobile and computer)

When SHAREit is open in both devices, click on the top four boxes in your mobile, after clicking, you will have the first option Connect to Pc, which you have to click on.

Now your mobile will start scanning, in which your Pc or Laptop name will appear, you click on it, after clicking, the option of Accept will be on your PC, okay it.

Take friends, your mobile and computer are connected, now you can exchange your files.

What is the Technique to Transfer a File Mobile to Laptop

SHAREit Web is the best option for us. The way you transmit files from one mobile to another, you can transfer files from mobile to laptop. It is very easy

  • First, connect your mobile and laptop through SHAREit.
  • After connecting, select the file from the device you want to send the file to
  • After selecting the file, click on the next button, your file will be shared.

Check out The New SHAREit App Latest Version And History

SHAREit 4.5.88_ww APK(Old version APK)

  • SHAREit 4.5.98_ww APK(Old version APK)
  • 4.6.8_ww APK SHAREit (Old Version APK)
  • SHAREit 4.6.18_ww APK (Old Version APK)
  • SHAREit 4.6.38_ww APK (Old Version APK)
  • 4.6.48_ww APK SHAREit (Old Version APK)
  • SHAREit 4.6.58_ww APK (Old Version APK)
  • SHAREit 4.6.68_ww APK (Old Version APK)
  •  4.6.88_ww APK SHAREit (Old Version APK)

 4.7.8_ww APK of SHAREit (Latest Version APK)

It Updated: February 23, 2019

What is In this new Version 4.7.8_ww: APK

  1. main Improve connection compatibility
  2. Fix some bug, optimize transfer experience

Conclusion:- We have clarified in this blog that SHAREit is an app and software SHAREit will help more people to share files between many smartphones. SHAREit is continuously improving through the APK (Android Package Kit) update which is being issued regularly.


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