Flaunt7: The Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Services Provider


Have you been thinking of opening a file hosting site and sharing Files but fear that it might become a legal issue with the DMCA? Or if you just want to share original content that has the potential of being stolen or might get deleted by somebody’s false copyright claim without even your knowledge. Then what you definitely need is a DMCA ignored Hosting Services Provider, the best there is, Flaunt7.

A web hosting service provider that would not only save you from all the trouble that comes with copyrighted content sharing but will also save your copyrighted content from being stolen. And what if I told you that this DMCA ignored Hosting Service Provider comes with even more benefits than you can imagine? Let me be your guide on this journey wherein the end you will find the best from the rest.


Flaunt7 provies alot of services for DMCA ignored hosting. Some of the most important services and features of Flaunt7 are mentioned below 


From running a large-scale business to writing a small Blog, speed should not be an issue no matter what. Flaunt7 comes with features that will provide you with just that. With:

Next-Generation of AMD Processors


Servers powered by Latest NVMe SSDs

Lightspeed Web Server that is 25x faster than Apache

Latest DDoS Protection

✦Uptime SLA 99.9%✦

Yes, you read that right. With Flaunt7 your system will be up for use as intended 99.9% of the time thanks to the dedication and time they put into the monitorization of Servers and constant renewing of technological parts required.

✦Next-Generation Hardware✦

With the latest AMD Processors powering Next Generation Cloud VPS your applications are bound to experience a high boost in speed.

✦Latest NVMe SSD Drives✦

Flaunt7 uses NVME SSDs which are far better in speed and performance when compared to its competition which is still using SSD and HDD.

✦A Safe And Secure Connection✦

Flaunt7 provides you with an elaborate, safe, and secure Connection. It features a Two-Factor Authentication, Layer 7 DDoS protection and AI-protected Firewall. Regular Backups are also a big feature provided to you.

✦24/7 Constant Monitoring✦

A big infrastructure like Flaunt7 does need constant monitoring and it is always monitored by a team of Expert Technicians. This team of Expert Technicians not only Monitors Flaunt7 but also solves any emerging issues on the go.  

✦Constant backup✦

All websites are regularly backed up By Flaunt7’s dedicated Servers. Although how much your website will be backed up depends on the number of free spaces available for your website.

NOTE:-  When You sign up with Flaunt7, regardless of the package you decide to Purchase your App will be deployed  as soon as possible without any hustle.

 You can select any type of service you prefer that will be the best for you.

All services are deployed instantly as soon as they are okayed by us excluding dedicating servers

Your Services and Dedicated Servers are Monitored constantly by Flaunt7’s team of expert technicians in order to minimize any unwanted and suspicious activity. They also solve other problems on the go

Flaunt7’s DMCA ignored hosting Policy

Flaunt7’s DMCA ignored hosting Policy clearly states that all the content which is being hosted on their servers solely belongs to the customers and hence they are responsible for their content. Flaunt7’s host country does not entertain any type of DMCA claims as it is not considered a policy there and hence all received DMCA Claims are conveniently ignored.

However, there are still some type of content that Flaunt7 strictly refuse to give services for, like:

  • Spam Scripts
  • Port Scanners
  • PPC Site Scripts
  • PTC Site Scripts
  • Bruteforce Programs or Scripts
  • Hacker Focused Sites and Hacker Programs
  • Fraudulent Sites
  • Bitcoin Mining Sites
  • Terrorist or Terrorism Promoting Sites
  • Child Pornography (Flaunt7 will terminate the site immediately without refund)

Flaunt7 and It’s Ultra Fast Web Hosting

Get Your Business, Blogs and Sites up and running with Flaunt7’s DMCA ignored Hosting Services with powerful Next-Generation Servers.

Host your site just like that with Flaunt7

Follow these steps to host your site with the services of Flaunt7

1.Choose A Plan

Choose the perfect plan of your liking or ask Experts to find the best plans for you.

2.Choose A Domain Name

   You can choose and register any domain name you would like to have. 

   There are also pre-existing Domain names that you can choose from.

3.Deployment Of Your Content

 Once you have completed the above mentioned steps your service will be activated immediately. You can start sharing your content instantly.

Flaunt7’s Hosting Types

Now let us have a look at different types of Flaunt7’s hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Powerful NVMe SSD drives provide next-gen cPanel hosting to host your Blogs, Business Sites and much more. Experts at Flaunt7 are always monitoring theirservers for smooth site optimization.

Features of Shared Web Hosting

  • NVMe SSD Powered Servers
  • Next-generation AMD Processors
  • DDoS Protection
  • Lightspeed Web Server
  • MySQL8

Reseller Web hosting

Reseller Web hosting

Flaunt7 also provides you with Reseller Web hosting services. So you can start your Reseller Business Smoothly and easily powered with Next-Gen servers.

Features of Reseller Web hosting

  • Next-gen AMD Processors
  • SSH Access
  • MySQL 8
  • Php Selector

VPS Web hosting

VPS Web hosting

Do you plan to run corporate websites or blogs on larger scale? Then you should look into VPS web hosting.

Features VPS Web hosting

  • NVMe SSD
  • KVM technology
  • DDR4 Ram
  • Root Access

 Dedicated Web Hosting

It provides better resource allocation and also keeps your privacy intact. Some of the features of Dedicated Web hosting are mentioned below

Features Dedicated Web Hosting

  • NVMe SSD
  • Root Access
  • ONe-Click Access
  • DDoS Protection

Final Words

We hope that now you can check out their plans and find the perfect one for you with any type of payment option you prefer easily by yourself. We will recommend you to read the entire article and follow all the steps without skipping a single step. You can drop a call to us if you need any help from our experts regarding using the services provided by Flaunt7. 


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