How To Format Your Laptop? Step-By-Step Guide

format your laptop

If your laptop has recently been attacked by a virus and you are still feeling the effects despite getting rid of it? So you have to format your laptop.

Or if your laptop has very slowed down and you don’t know what to do about it. Maybe you’ve recently installed several programs, or maybe there is some malicious software affecting your laptop. Or maybe your laptop registry has just become overgrown. Whatever the reason, your laptop has become slow and you want it to get back to its original level of performance. Then you may want to format your laptop.

Basic Things To Format Your Laptop

To successfully format your laptop you will need some primary things which are most important. And they are:-

  • Laptop
  • Drivers on your device
  • Operating system(OS) CD for installation
  • Software CDs for re-installation after formatting your laptop
  • Back-up storage medium

Format  Your Laptop

Formatting your laptop means completely erasing the hard drive. And it is the positive and most effective way to clean your laptop.

The process of format your laptop is rather very easy in today’s world. The manufacturer either gives the owner with a copy of the operating system or they create a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Before format your laptop, you backup all of your data or information on an external hard drive or DVDs and CDs or else you will lose all of it in the process.

And here we have two methods for format your laptop.

  • Formatting your laptop with installation CDs
  • Formatting your laptop using restoration partition

Method 1:- Formatting your laptop with installation CDs

Step 1:- Back Up Your Hard Drive

Formatting your laptop will cause you to lose all of your information or data. So it is suggested that you back up your hard drive on an external hard drive, DVDs, or CDs if you wish to keep it. You should definitely do this step before format your laptop.

Step 2:- Determine Which Method of Restoration is Given by the Manufacturer

If you received a set of installation CDs with your laptop, then use this. And if you did not, your computer may have a restore partition set up, which means you will have to use a different method. This is the best and easy way to format your laptop.

Step 3:- Insert the Operating System Disk into Your DVD/CD Drive

It usually auto-runs and will open to a menu, or options page. Choose the option for installing a new and fresh copy of the operating system(OS). And if the CD doesn’t run by itself, then double click on “My Computer,” and then right click on the drive with the operating system disk. And then click “Auto-Run.” This step is too easy for format your laptop.

Step 4:- Wait For the Compact Disc(CD) to Proceed Automatically

If you are away from the laptop for a while, it will pause at the next point, expecting any required input from you. Then follow the prompts, be quiet and avoid the temptation to interrupt. This procedure may take several minutes. If you are format your laptop, then you will accept the default setting/offerings that the installation disc is asking for.

Step 5:- Wait for the Installation to Complete

When the operating system(OS) installation is finished, a completely new and fresh desktop will appear. When you format your laptop, this step makes your process easy.

Step 6:- Use Windows Product Key

Before you format your laptop, make sure you have the product key for the Windows operating system(OS) installed on your laptop. If Windows was preinstalled when you purchased your laptop, then the product key will be on a sticker at the bottom of your laptop.

Step 7:- Ability to Reinstall Windows

Make sure you’re able of reinstalling Windows. To start with, you require to have both the recovery disc or a Windows installation disc on your laptop. If your laptop does not have a solid disc, then it likely has all the files it requires on a hidden recovery partition in the hard drive.

And you have to confirm the presence of this partition using a keyboard shortcut upon booting your laptop. The shortcut is normally displayed on the startup screen and is usually both F8 or F10. Your laptop should also be capable to heat the system files onto a blank disc, such as a DVD.

Method 2:- Formatting Your Laptop Using Restoration Partition

Step 1:- Restart Your Laptop

While the laptop is rebooting, so frequently press the F10 key on your laptop keyboard until the system boots. This will take you into the partition offering you options for restore or repair (reloading and reformatting). To format your laptop this step is too easy.

Step 2:- Choose the Option for Installing a New and Fresh System

The advantage of this system is that you don’t have to do anything else. The restore partition will simply and completely run the program to format, reload the operating system, and install drivers and install all of the unique and original software that came with your laptop.

Step 3:- Wait for the Format to Complete

This procedure will normally take around 30 minutes to complete.

Step 4:- Format Your Laptop and Reinstall Windows

You can now include the recovery disc or use a windows installation disc. And if you’re using the recovery partition, then restart your laptop and quickly press the keyboard shortcut that is displayed on your laptop screen.

All you have to do now is follow the directions on your laptop screen and perform a full system recovery or install windows. Then your laptop will be restored to its primary state.

If you haven’t saved anything of the laptop disk before the format your laptop, recover lost photos/videos/files from the laptop using professional and best data recovery software like RePicvid Free Photo Recovery.


Therefore that’s all about how to format your laptop with these type of simple methods. And we hope this guide will help you do it yourself. If you like this article or you knew any easy and unique methods to format the laptop, then definitely tell us in the comment section below.


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