How To Hide Text Messages On Android & iPhone To Keep Your Messages Private?

hide text messages

Every little message we receive today can be tracked easily. Therefore, it is important for us to hide text messages.

Everybody has unique motives to hide text messages, contacts, call logs. However, one very common reason behind this that we have something mysterious in our phone and never want others to know these things. Whether its contact numbers, instant messages, and missed call logs.

While this is troubling for the customers, the fact that people can move into their phones and access important text messages is an even bigger immediate threat. So how can you ensure your text messages are safe?

So don’t worry about it. Here WinTechy tells you how to hide text messages on Android and iPhone to always keep your messages private.

Hide Text Messages on Android

Privacy is apparently one of the important concerns for most Android users and as Android devices are getting better at saving data, you have to make sure that your all data is safe.

While online instant messaging is pretty popular on Android, a lot of people still use SMS as a way of communication. And also want to learn how to hide text messages on Android.

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Best & Free Android Apps to Hide Text Messages

#1. Message Locker

message locker | hide text messages

A special and particular advantage of this app is that it can be applied to not only your default text messages but also other email and messaging applications. It secures your messages remain safe by locking and demanding a password for anyone trying to access your SMS, messaging, and chat apps on your phone.


  • Download message locker
  • Open app
  • Create a PIN
  • Confirm PIN
  • Set up recovery
  • Create a pattern (optional)
  • Select apps
  • Other options

Include Features:-

  • Includes a PIN / Pattern Lock to all your messaging and email apps.
  • One PIN / Pattern to lock many apps.
  • Automatically identifies messaging apps on the device.
  • Natural and simple interface for the excellent experience.
  • Always keeps your conversations secure and safe.
  • Easy and fast unlock.
  • And optimized for HD tablets.
  • Third party and system apps supported adding Snapchat Whatsapp, Gmail, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Skype and many more.

You can download it from Google Play Store

#2. Private Message Box

private message box | hide text messages

The private message box is another best and free app that can keep your text messages private. If you want to hide all of the incoming text/messages from a particular contact. So this best app can help you out with that as well. And also you hide the app icon as well. For hiding text messages this app is great for everyone.


  • Download private message box
  • Launch app
  • Create a PIN
  • Hide app (optional)
  • Import database (optional)
  • Verify number (optional)
  • Set PSB as default (optional)
  • Add contacts
  • Other options

Include Features:-

  • Free multimedia messaging and text between users
  • Auto backup
  • Audio/location/image sharing
  • And open PSB from phone default dialer
  • Password protection: protected or hidden mail box with no app icon, cannot be open or see by other people
  • Timeout: set a timer to close the application
  • Messages move back and forward from the stock app.
  • Privacy guard

You can download it from Google Play Store

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#3. Vault-Hide SMS

vault-hide sms | hide text messages

This great and free app can do it all—it not only hide text messages, but also your pictures, contacts, and videos if you please. And all of these types of things can be hidden and accessed by the password of your choice. You can even set up private browsing through this great app. And recover your lost password through email.


  • Download vault-hide SMS, videos and pics
  • Launch app
  • Create a PIN
  • Review what’s new (optional)
  • Upgrade to premium (optional)
  • Hide photos (optional)
  • Set security email (optional)
  • Hide videos (optional)
  • Hide texts
  • Lock apps (optional)
  • Set safe browsing (optional)
  • Use cloud backup (optional)
  • And more

Include Features:-

  • Hide and protect videos and photos
  • Protect and hide SMS
  • Call logs/contact protection
  • And call reminder
  • App lock (Privacy protection)
  • Special and private browser
  • Cloud backup
  • And data transfer
  • Password recovery
  • Multiple vault and fake vault
  • Stealth mode
  • Break-in alerts

You can download it from Google Play Store

#4. Private SMS Vault-Hide Text Messages

private sms vault | hide text messages

This best private SMS vault-hide text messages apps have many different and great methods to protect your messages. And also it can change your every message font, message background as you want.

Include Features:-

  • Auto copy verification code simply when a message with a verification code
  • Two types of different passwords to avoid snoopers, mislead password show ‘no message’
  • Hide your private box icon, snoopers cannot find the enter icon
  • Rename ‘private box’ to anything you want, to mislead snoopers
  • Block any type of messages who you do not want to get
  • Many different and great message fonts have been provided
  • Excellent message background
  • Send great message gifs to others, and you can find any gif by search in the application
  • Different color theme for the application
  • Easily customize different message notification styles, such as popup window, ringtone, vibrate etc
  • Message popup window for immediate view & quick reply

You can download it from Google Play Store

Whether you want to hide your text messages from a particular person. Or you just want to keep your text messages private & secure. So you can use mentioned these best and free apps to learn how to hide text messages on Android.

Hide Text Messages on iPhone

So if you don’t want someone to see your text messages on your iPhone you may be wondering if there a way you can lock or hide text messages? Maybe you are planning a surprise party and planning a holiday.

Whatever your reason, you may be hoping that there is a way you can stop someone seeing your text messages on your iPhone. Here are some best apps to hide text messages on iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps to Hide Text Messages

#1. TextLock Protect text messages

textlock protect text messages | hide text messages

TextLock Protect text messages are the best app developed by Casey Kerr. This is designed to back up all your text messages from your many messaging apps. Encrypted messages can be obtained with a passcode or a Touch ID feature. By using this best app you can easily hide text messages.

Include Features:-

  • Backup your text messages from modern & popular messaging apps.
  • Make your conversations secure and private and even include fingerprint protection.
  • Backup your all data in the cloud and only access it after entering your password or scanning your fingerprint or entering your password.

You can download it from Apple App Store

#2. CoverMe Private Text & Call

coverme private text & call | hide text messages

With this excellent app, you can hide text messages, secret or personal contacts and private calling log for free. It is the right choice for anyone who wants to keep secured and hidden this kind of information.

Include Features:-

  • Send private text messages from a private new number.
  • Make secure all private phone calls.
  • And send disappearing messages and remember sent messages.
  • End-to-end encrypt all communications & conversations.
  • Shake to hide and lock particular or personal text messages.
  • Private vault to hide private videos, photos, passwords, and any type of files.

You can download it from Apple App Store

#3. Message Lock

message lock | hide text messages

Message Lock is a great app designed to lock and hide your text messages with password or fingerprint. It also allows users to archive communications & conversations and backup all chats.

Include Features:-

  • Lock & backup your text messages with fingerprint or password.
  • Export all the conversations or chats you have to hide and backup them quickly and easily.
  • Archive your chats and access them only after you scanned your fingerprints or entered the password.

You can download it from Apple App Store

#4. GO SMS Pro

go sms pro | hide text messages

Go SMS Pro is a best and free texting app with 100+ millions of users. It comes with lots of stickers and themes and also supports dual sim use. And by using this app your text messages always secure from anyone.

Include Features:-

  • Many platform supporting: the iOS GO Chat can send/receive text messages with multi-device accessible.
  • Always free charge: you can send pictures/text messages/voice messages by GPRS/3G/WIFI, all for free immediate messaging, supporting offline messages.
  • Voice talk: you can always speak to others, rather of text support group chat, you can generate a group and invite your friends to chat together.
  • Push message: the offline text messages will be pushed to the desktop, so no text message will be missed.
  • Friends support function: the system will match the friends who are also using best and free GO chat in your address book.
  • Find nearby: locate the nearby GO Chat users by location, help you meet more friends.
  • Multi-way dating: find friends who are in the same school/same company/same city with you based on real name or identity, can help you find your contact friends.
  • Multi-mode login: you can easily log in with GO ID/phone number/email.
  • Support running in iOS 4 and above, and perfectly in iOS 5.

You can download it from Apple App Store


Therefore, that’s all about how to hide text messages on Android & iPhone to keep your messages private. The apps which are told for both Android and iPhone, are all the best to hide your text messages. Make sure that you use these all best apps properly. And if you also know any best app, so that we can hide our text messages, then feel free and tell us in the comment section.



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