Woocommerce Inventory and Order Management

Woocommerce Inventory and Order Management

Starting a WooCommerce Store doesn’t require much effort. But after scaling your business, you need to take care of WooCommerce Inventory and Order Management. Once you scale, it is an important task to manage otherwise you will see a downfall in your business. 

Earlier, there were many difficulties in inventory management but nowadays there are a vast number of WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins that you can use to manage your orders, save a lot of time and lower your burden.

How Woocommerce inventory and order management works?

Woo-commerce is a free and open-source e-commerce plugin that is integrated with WordPress. It’s easy to use by small and medium-sized businesses to sell their products, software, and services online.

WooCommerce Inventory Management helps modern businesses to manage stocks and track inventory. Presently, there are a massive number of plugins available you can use to overcome the difficulties faced during the management and tracking of orders.

Difficulties in WooCommerce inventory and order management

As we discussed, starting a WooCommerce Store is an easy task but managing your store efficiently is the key to grow your business profitably. 

Let’s discuss some difficulties and issues faced while using Woocommerce inventory management.

  1. Time Consuming

WooCommerce is free but it takes a lot of time to perform some changes and you need the patience to use it because after some time it will become complex if you aren’t aware of the features.

  1. Handling huge database

As business starts growing up, there are so many products and services which need to be handled. It becomes a burden to handle and creates chaos.  

  1. Tracking at various locations

If any business keeps its inventory at multiple locations or with any wholesaler at different places, it will be difficult to keep track of the inventory. So it will have to be handled manually on another database.

  1. Maintenance of Raw Material Inventory

Woocommerce Inventory Management helps the business to track the inventory of finished products only. So some businesses have to use another app for the maintenance of raw material inventory.

  1. Updating changes separately

For whatever changes, whether it’s a price or design there are no options to update the products in a bulk. So it has to be done individually each time you make changes. 

So, these are some difficulties that are horrifying using Woocommerce Inventory Management but thanks to advanced plugins that make your work so easy and simple.  

Benefits of using the plugins to handle inventory

There are many plugins that help computer programs to add some features and manage the inventory. So, let’s discuss some advantages of using plugins to rule out the difficulties while handling inventories.

  1. Adding products all at once

Plugins will help you to attach an infinite number of products and variations in a single sheet by setting attributes for each. So there is no need to add each product and set attributes separately.

  1. Updating in seconds  

There are so many plugins that can be used to update the changes of pricing, design, stock status, description, etc in one go and make it easier than ever to run the business online.

  1. Search smartly

These plugins will help to search for the products you want to handle and also to make comparisons easily with items and to review details.

  1. Calculation automatically

Plugins help in doing calculations in the background automatically. It will save your energy and time and helps you to progress at a rapid pace.

  1. Multiple Warehouses 

If the business has to move inventory from one warehouse to another using a single platform, it will be done in one go.

Popular Plugins for Woocommerce inventory management 

There are so many plugins used to run the business online. As seen above the need for inventory management plugins, and their advantages, it’s time to look for some of the plugins that will be useful for small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. ATUM Inventory Management WooCommerce

It is among the most robust inventory management plugins. It is easy to use and provides several features including the export to pdf option to export all your inventory for analysis and bulk actions to save your time and to ease the management process.

  1. Z Inventory Manager

Z Inventory Manager is another easy-to-use plugin with some amazing features like real-time tracking of stocks and easy to monitor some specific stocks. Its Premium version comes with more benefits to manage your inventory at a broader scale.

  1. Smart Manager 

Smart Manager helps you to manage your orders and inventory at a rapid pace and more efficiently. This plugin helps you to avoid some extra clicks and helps you to look for a detailed view of your inventory quickly.

  1. POS inventory count

POS Inventory Count is a powerful plugin to count your physical inventory by scanning the QR code. It helps you to not only manage the inventory count but also for deep analysis of your order management.

  1. Schedule Stock Manager

Schedule Stock Manager is one of the most common plugins available for the management of stocks. It is widely used to analyze specific products by import/export of related data and by sorting the items by SKU. Altogether, this plugin is very easy and efficient to use.


WooCommerce Inventory and order management has been so easy nowadays because of several free plugins that you can use. Not only the above-mentioned plugins but there are several other plugins like Rapid Stock Manager, WooCommerce Out of stock Manager, and Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce, etc. 

Use a different set of plugins according to your need. Installing several plugins unnecessarily will impact your WooCommerce store. You don’t need to buy a premium version of plugins at the start. You can manage your inventory using free plugins and later you can go for pro versions if necessary.

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