Best Selfie Apps To Take Perfect Selfies For 2019

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As we all know selfie’s trends nowadays happen in all the youngsters. The modern generation is obsessed with selfies, without a doubt. Best selfie apps help you to take the perfect selfies and give you the chance to take the self-portrait image in a better way by including some filters and effects.

And no matter which social media platform you use, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or also Twitter, selfies are the standard everywhere.  These genuine and best selfie apps help to perform the touchup, skin tone change almost in real-time to get the best selfies out from your smartphone front facing the camera.

Best Selfie Apps For 2019

Here are the perfect and best selfie apps to take perfect selfies for 2019. You can use these best apps to take good-looking selfies, edit your selfies to remove unwanted objects and make yourself look better. And also add some wonderful and awesome effects to your photos.

selfie app for 2019 | best selfie apps

Whether you are looking for more likes, or simply trying to get the perfect and best profile photo you can include to Facebook and Instagram, these are the selfie apps you have to install on your smartphones. So here are check out the best selfie apps to take perfect and better selfies.

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#1. Retrica

retrica | best selfie apps

Retrica is one of the perfect and best selfie apps to express yourself with mesmerizing effects and filters. It is a wonderful camera app with powerful tools for taking selfies, personalizing your photos, and also sharing images with your friends.

This beauty camera selfie app can capture some interesting selfies with the best and perfect filters for every occasion. Over than 100 stickers are present in this great selfie app to enhance your captured video and image. This beautiful app can turn your selfie into a message by doodling over the app. This beautiful camera app is one of the best selfie apps.

Retrica Features

  • Excellent camera effects and filters for any occasion
  • Many different looks
  • Stand out with GIFs and videos
  • Easy instant collage
  • Fun stickers, doodles, stamps
  • Historical follow feed
  • Send private messages
  • Share photos and videos

#2. B612

B612 | best selfie apps

B612 is the best selfie camera app. This best selfie app is chosen as No.1 in Google Play Store over 52 countries. More than 300 billion users access the selfie photo app and take attraction shots with less editing effort.

B612 featured with the astounding AR filters, which include much more life to the dull or boring backgrounds easily.

Generally, these best selfie apps are available in everyone’s smartphone.

B612 Features

  • Over 1,500 different stickers
  • Real-time beauty filters and effects to get the perfect and best shot at once
  • Bright filters to suit your taste
  • Simply create high-quality music videos
  • Take funny boomerang videos that play on a loop
  • Use editing tools from the gallery to make your existing photos more special and perfect
  • Create collages where you can see all your pretty and best moments in one place

#3. Candy Camera

candy camera | best selfie apps

The candy camera best selfie apps are one of the important rated apps on the Google Play Store. And it’s different and great selfie app. This amazing candy camera selfie app comes with a silent mode that allows you to take silent shots with your smartphones.

The app lets you take selfies and see real-time filters and effects on them and there are more than a hundred best and perfect filters in the app. Candy camera best selfie apps receive stickers for every season, occasion and trend to give you the great experience all the time whenever you want.

Apart from that, you get included amazing features such as collage and stickers. And also in this wonderful selfie app has a silent camera feature which allows you to take pretty selfies in public without attracting much attention.

Candy Camera Features

  • Best filters for selfies
  • Many beauty functions
  • Wonderful stickers
  • A perfect silent camera
  • Awesome beautiful collage

#4. YouCam Perfect

youcam perfect | best selfie apps

The YouCam Perfect Selfie app is the best selfie app for all selfie lovers. Along with best and great selfie-taking features, the app also comes with fabulous selfie editing tools to get you the pretty and perfect selfie you need.

These best selfie apps make every picture best and perfect with the selfie feature of the app. The multi-face detection allows you to edit almost each and every face present in case of a group shot.

The app is feature packed and there are a number of attractive and interesting features like face reshaper, beautifying effects, and stylization and the ability to perfect beautify all the features of your face.

YouCam Perfect Features

  • Regularly updated with new and best features
  • And supports dozens of languages
  • Edit pictures with full editing toolkit
  • Real-time skin pretty beautifying effects in beauty camera and video selfies
  • Stylize and share pics with friends
  • A perfect and bright face in every picture

#5. Perfect365

perfect365 | best selfie apps

Perfect365 is the best selfie app for you if you prefer best beauty modes over filters and lenses. These type of best selfie apps allows you to try new and best looks on the fly.

However, the app would more interest more to the female audience, and considering that the app does not include filters, but alternatively, practical makeup and pretty styling tools.

And it comes with more than 20 best and new makeup and beauty tools. So you can customize your own style, and adding shadows, lipsticks, liners, and more.

Try pretty and new looks on the fly with the world’s most popular & best, easiest-to-use perfect virtual makeup app.

Perfect365 Features

  • More than 200 pre-set best and hot styles – one-tap looks
  • Beauty and fashion product suggestions
  • Daily best makeup and fashion tips
  • Complex touchup features for a no-makeup glow
  • Most perfect makeup placement possible with cutting-edge face detection
  • Save and share your looks via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Pictures can look best and natural and unaltered with careful editing

#6. Sweet Selfie

sweet selfie | best selfie apps

Sweet Selfie app is the best and perfect beauty camera app that does come with great and smart auto beauty feature that is available with a simple tap. There are some best and unique and also free filters matching up with your personality to improve and create great and best selfie photos.

It is one of the best selfie apps on the Play Store, and also my favorite too. The app comes with all the best features you’d expect of a selfie camera, and then some.

Sweet selfie app allows users to beautify your pictures with stylish & trendy filters. And also unique and special stickers, along with smart auto beautify, marvelous blur, design as well as retro features.

There are also great features such as teeth whitening, and fiber stickers, so you can simply try a new and perfect look. The app’s interface is also very excellent, with all of the actions set out correctly & nicely. You also have the capability to change the filter or change the brightness using gestures.

Sweet Selfie Features

  • A phone with the best camera app for selfie like sweet selfie camera
  • Great light condition
  • Best and perfect angle of you
  • Take pretty selfies anywhere and anytime
  • Smart college, stylish auto beautify and marvelous blur

#7. InstaBeauty

instabeauty | best selfie apps

InstaBeauty selfie app includes more than 100 gorgeous makeup filters and styles. These type of best selfie apps lets you transform more beautiful and charming in your selfie. With more than 50 million users, the app is excellent for taking perfect selfies and gets the best out of it.

It can help you remove whiteheads,pimples, blackheads, acne, and rosacea to get a perfect skin selfie. And touch up your selfies easily and quickly like never before to make it a perfect and best selfie.

In this pretty selfie app many best features such as grid filters, teeth whitening, zoom in the eyes, smart college, best emoji sticker, quick snap, special video, and many other marvelous features.

InstaBeauty Features

  • Beautiful photo with the available different artistic filter
  • Quicksnap
  • Best and beauty Video
  • Share the selfie on social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook etc

#8. BestMe

bestme | best selfie apps

BestMe is a selfie app that is specially designed for immediate sharing on social media. These types of best selfie apps come with a best emoji-grid photo mode, a no-crop mode for Instagram, along with 125 real-time effects & filters and plenty of stickers.

You also get a real-time smart collage feature and a camera and editor that is specially designed for taking the perfect and pretty selfie.

And if you want an app that clicks pictures that are social media ready from the get-go. BestMe is the best selfie app that you’re looking for.

This app also has direct sharing set so you can simply post your photos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

BestMe Features

  • Pics editor with 100+ stickers and filters
  • Best emoji & tag stickers
  • Many designs to choose
  • And timer for better preparation
  • Marvelous blur effect for Instagram
  • Simply share photos for Wechat, Instagram Facebook, and more
  • Support selfie stick
  • A new and fresh trend of emoji photo
  • Best mirror photo camera


Therefore, that’s all about the best selfie apps. Selfies are popular and have the ability to show yourself better with pretty filters and best strikers. With the help of listed best apps, you can quickly take great selfies and share them with your friends and families. And we hope these best selfie apps are make taking selfies more interesting and enjoyable.

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