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best antivirus for iPhone | antivirus for iPhone

As we all know that our phones are most important to our day to day lives. In our phone have many contact information, our pictures, and videos that we want to save to look back on, and sometimes it even has our some important information. So that’s why we should use the best antivirus to safe everything on our phone. And here we have the best antivirus for iPhone.

Antivirus For iPhone

No matter what software you use in your iPhone. You should have the best antivirus installed on your iPhone. And always choose the best iPhone antivirus apps to keep your device secured.

Best antivirus software is the correct thing to help assure that our device and information is kept safe.

There are a lot of best antivirus apps available on the iTunes app store. But it is not necessary that all of these are the best antivirus for iPhone. So here we have the list of best antivirus apps that are available on Apple App Store for iPhones.

1.) Avast Security & Photo Vault

avast security | antivirus for iPhone

Avast Security & Photo Vault would be the first name that comes to the mind when we talking about best antivirus software. The Avast Security is the best antivirus available in free and pro versions for iPhone from Apple App Store.

This software is capable of protecting all iOS devices and data that are connected to Wi-Fi or WLAN networks.

The main reason for the Avast Secure-Me to become famous is that it is too fast, efficient and stable. Furthermore, the software utilizes some resources and hence it is a perfect choice for iPhone users. It is an evergreen and best antivirus for iPhone.

Features Include:-

  • Identity protection
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Photo Vault
  • Secure browsing (only PRO version)

The best antivirus app allows you to automatically search for all available Wi-Fi network and reports whether the network is safe or not. It also directs with a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to encrypt browsing data and make it secure and stable.

Furthermore, the app will protect your emails, browser history and also your personal data from cheaters. With best Avast passwords, you can protect all your account related passwords under one single master password.

Developer: AVAST Software

Download Free From Apple App Store

2.) Mobile Security & Wifi Scan by McAfee

McAfee | antivirus for iPhone

McAfee is the best antivirus for iPhone. The McAfee Mobile Security will automatically send notifications about the security defects and protects your iPhone device. You can easily download McAfee Mobile Security best antivirus for free from Apple App Store. And you can also opt for best Pro version by paying a low amount.

The app safe your devices from bugs. The main advantage of McAfee Mobile Security is its ability to quickly and easily track physical location in case if your device is lost.

Features Include:-

  • Media Vault PIN protection
  • Safe web
  • Battery indicator
  • Thief cam
  • Secure WiFi
  • Contacts backup
  • Remotely wipe contacts
  • Find the device

Developer: McAfee, LLC

Download Free From Apple App Store

3.) Trend Micro Mobile Security

TM mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

TM Mobile Security is another most popular and best antivirus with lots of best features and excellent specifications. The app will secure your iOS devices in an improved way with support for cloud storage. The best tool automatically performs a scan of your OneDrive account.

The Trend Micro Mobile Security adds an excellent and advanced SPAM filter, which automatically blocks all the unwanted messages and calls. With the integrated password manager, you can securely store all your passwords with an encrypted PIN.

The app is most popular and gets a top rating on the official Apple App Store. Even though the best antivirus for iPhone app comes with lots of best features.

Features Include:-

  • Works in any type of browser
  • SafeSurfing built-in stable and secure browser
  • Safeguards your privacy on Twitter and Facebook
  • Find missing devices using GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell towers
  • Monitors data usage
  • Device access status to ensure that your device is configured for maximum protection
  • Wi-Fi checker, and check the status of your connected Wi-F

Developer: Trend Micro, Incorporated

Download Free From Apple App Store

4.) Avira Mobile Security

avira mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

Avira Mobile Security best antivirus for iPhone not only secure your personal data or information. But also protect your emails, media files, and credit card numbers. This best antivirus app helps you to keep track the pinpoint geo-location of your iPhone through the integrated phone locator.

This best antivirus app also blocks unwanted calls.

The Avira Mobile Security antivirus app is capable of protecting your iPhone from many malicious threats. The main performance of this best antivirus app is the addition of a simple user interface and strong security tools.

Features Include:-

  • Web protection
  • Locate
  • Identity protection
  • Activity report
  • Yell
  • Device analyzer

Developer: Avira Holding

Download Free From Apple App Store

5.) Norton Mobile Security

norton mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

It is a most popular security brand and is also famous with PC users. With the fast growth of tablets and smartphones, Norton has developed best Norton Mobile Security for iOS and also for Android users.

This best antivirus app is most popular because of the minimal user interface and is able to protect your all iOS device from cyber attacks. This excellent antivirus for iPhone is the best for every iOS users.

The app will always secure your iPhone from malicious links and phishing.

Norton Mobile Security also allows your device to protect from unwanted website browsing. The Safe Browsing functionality will inform you if a harmful website attacks your device.

Features Include:-

  • Find your lost iPhone on a map with the remote locate feature
  • Automatically protects your device location when the battery is low
  • Trigger a “scream” alarm to immediately locate a lost tablets or phones
  • Backup your contacts and quickly restore them or share all your mobile devices
  • And control security for all your mobile devices through one convenient website

Developer: Symantec

Download Free From Apple App Store

6.) Lookout Mobile Security

lookout mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

The Lookout Mobile Security antivirus app is the best mobile protection for iPhone or other iOS devices. With Lookout Mobile Security antivirus app, you will be capable to back up all the personal information adding the capability to secure Wi-Fi from unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Your iOS device won’t be compromised by unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

This best antivirus for iPhone also helps you to tracks your device if you lose your device. The latest release ships with new and best features to improve the performance of the devices.

Feature Includes:-

  • Backing up any personal information or data (including your contacts, videos, and photos)
  • Telling you where your last location was before your iPhone died
  • Inform you to any IOS updates that you have yet to get
  • The ability to call your device or sound an alarm that can always help you find it if it is lost
  • Download the personal data or information that was backed up onto a new device

Developer: Lookout, Inc

Download Free From Apple App Store

7.) LogDog – Mobile Security

LogDog – mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

The LogDog Mobile Security antivirus for iPhone makes use of top security protocols to keep all viruses and online frauds at bay. So that your device will get full protection against online fraud activity. This antivirus app continuously monitors the activity of iOS users and maintains an all detailed log for safety.

And after installation, if the Log Dog Mobile Security detects any suspicion, the best antivirus app will automatically report the presence of any types of virus and cleans it perfectly. The app will completely secure your device from bugs.

Features Include:-

  • Protects all private online information of iOS users
  • LogDog protects include: Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox
  • Provides an inbox detective service

Developer: LogDog Information Security

Download Free From Apple App Store

8.) F-Security SAFE

F-Security SAFE | antivirus for iPhone

F-Security SAFE antivirus for iPhone is provided with safe browsing functionalities. Your iPhone will be always protected while you are streaming over the web. The data stored inside the device will never get damaged if you install this best antivirus app.

The F-Security SAFE antivirus app also detects and clean malicious apps. You can quickly and easily recover data from the device if there is any intrusion of any unwanted activity.

Features Include:-

  • Explore the internet securely
  • Access only safe banking sites
  • Find your lost device
  • Available in 20+ different languages

Developer: F-Secure Corporation

Download Free From Apple App Store

9.) MobiShield

MobiShield | antivirus for iPhone

MobiShield is the best antivirus app that you have to pay to use, but it is honestly cheap and has quite some interesting features. It was newly updated, May 22nd of 2017 to be exact, so it is being watched over to make sure that it is effective. This awesome antivirus for iPhone gives many types of new and best features for every iOS users.

Features Include:-

  • Get updates on if your iPhone has a virus or not
  • Backup and recover contacts when required
  • Quickly and easily monitor your battery life and storage
  • Scan any types of network your phone is connected to, and make sure that they do not have a virus
  • And prevent data charges by telling you when your data limit is up

Download Free From Apple App Store

10.) Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos mobile security | antivirus for iPhone

The Sophos Mobile Security is one of the best antivirus apps for iPhone that we really like. It’s completely free. Therefore, even if there are any extra features, so you aren’t paying for them.

Many best feature in this app like web browsing protection, multi-factor authentication support, password management, and some Wi-Fi security features as well. And the UI is almost simple and good looking.

Features Include:-

  • Secure QR code scanner
  • Password safe
  • WI-FI security
  • Managed mode

Download Free From Apple App Store


Therefore, that’s all about the best antivirus for iPhone 2019. These all are the excellent antivirus app for iPhone. They all have many new and best features.

Apple iPhones are also a target of many types of viruses and malicious threats adding malware just like any other mobile device. So you should protect your device from threats by installing any one of these best antivirus apps.

Hope you like this guide. And also share it with your Peers! Any other best antivirus app for iPhone, feel free to tell us in the comment section. We are happy to hear from you.


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