10 Best Google Drive Alternative 2019

google drive alternatives

Looking for the best and free Google Drive alternative? Don’t worry, there are too many alternatives to Google Drive which give you many useful options like they allow data/cloud storages and also here you can easily share your valuable pictures, etc.

Google Drive is one of the most successful and popular data or cloud storage services with 15GB of great and free storage space. It is mixed into Google Docs so all files can be easily stored as though it is a local folder, and at the same time able to be accessed from anywhere, which is quite convenient.

And with the recent and new update, Google Drive users on an iOS mobile device can now quickly and directly insert Google Drive files into a Gmail message which was previously only available to web and Android users.

Google Drive Alternative

Here we have listed some of the 10 most reliable Google Drive alternative on the internet to store your all information and files securely and share them with your family and friends. These Google Drive alternative just awesome.

#1. Dropbox

dropbox | google drive alternative

Dropbox is very easy to use data storage service in the cloud. This is one of the best Google Drive alternative options. The interface would be very easy for a desktop user as you can manage your data into folders and sub-folders quickly and easily.

And also you can even share your data folders with other people as well. The best and free service gives 2GB of great usable storage.

If you need a comfortable way to share your data or files with others or simply a place to park your data in the cloud to be quickly and easily retrievable from other computers(PC), then Dropbox will be a great option for you.

Include Features:-

  • 256-bit AES encryption great security
  • Any type of device accessibility
  • Automatic organization and back-up
  • Automatic updates
  • Efficient and active syncing
  • Data sharing
  • File and all data storage
  • Large file sharing easily

Free storage: 2GB

Price per 100GB: $9.99/month

#2. Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon cloud drive | google drive alternative

Amazon Cloud Drive is the best Google Drive alternative which has received great marks for it’s very easy to use reliability and interface. Every user can store up to 5GB of data or files for free on Amazon’s respected cloud server.

With Amazon’s large amount of server space, any type of music files bought from Amazon MP3 store are automatically included to the user’s Amazon Cloud Drive and does not count towards the all storage allocation.

The problem of Amazon Cloud Drive is that synchronization is not as smooth or soft as the other products in this list. You will not be capable to access or update your files or data on the drive while being offline.

Alternatively, you are copying the data from your local system to the cloud drive. It might be a great system to store any type of music files, but not as most useful for data sharing as compared to the other cloud service.

Include Features:-

  • Back up your data to the local drive or cloud
  • Restore all the data from the cloud using both the Web-based platform or the desktop manager
  • Arrange your pictures and videos
  • Preview pictures or videos
  • Organize them using the combined timeline function

Free storage: 5GB

Price per 100GB: $50/year

#3. SugarSync

sugarsync | google drive alternative

These type of Google Drive alternative is a great option for everyone to store all type of data. SugarSync gives a very soft or flexible store and sync service.

As its name implies, the company insists on syncing, where users get to decide what to sync, and to where. You can sync anything, access your data over Mac or PC, and also remotely view data from Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry as well as Symbian.

However, SugarSync is pretty complex and users might be a little bit confused with its endless options, no doubt it has a too simple desktop sharing folder like Dropbox.

Include Features:-

  • Online backup
  • Folders & any type of Data Sharing
  • Sync many devices
  • Protection and security
  • Easy mobile access

Free storage: 5GB

Price per 100GB: $99.99/year ($25/1st year)

#4. Box

box | google drive alternative

The box is an enterprise level data or files great sharing service. While you may be capable to get a plan as an only user, it does work greatest for the business team.

Personal accounts do not even have the desktop sync great feature.

It gives a very easy to use and defended way to combine files. Users can easily upload and maintain their content from a browser or supported application from any web-enabled device.

Box users can be given role-based permissions for the uploaded best content and associated comment and tasks to the files for collaboration purposes. This is one of the best and free Google Drive alternative for the store and saved your data.

Include Features:-

  • Access stats
  • Auto-expiration
  • Box content API
  • Desktop sync
  • File or data locking
  • Full-text search
  • Mobile access
  • Partner apps
  • And secure sharing

Free storage: 10GB

Price for unlimited storage: $35/month (enterprise package)

#5. Apple iCloud

apple icloud | google drive alternative

Apple iCloud which is free and best Google Drive alternative was created not as a common purpose cloud file or data sharing product in its own right, but as a means for Apple users to store and save data and documents on many devices.

For example, what you saved and stored in the iPhone could be accessed from your Mac.

It’s seamless to open these files from any machine running the applications which are the product’s power, and it’s also the product’s fault because everything is provided towards an individual’s devices that there are few collaborative features like the other great file-sharing services.

Include Features:-

  • Fit with Windows PC and Mac
  • Saved great Safari tabs
  • Mobile device too friendly
  • iCloud Keychain
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application
  • Saved browser bookmarks
  • 5GB free and best storage
  • Important personal all data storage

Free storage: 5GB

Price for 50GB: $100/year

#6. Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft onedrive | google drive alternative

It is a great alternative to Google Drive. And it combines great storage in the cloud for Microsoft Office best products, Windows 8.1 PCs, and Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets together.

There is also the ability to sync data from computer to computer, avoiding cloud storage. OneDrive gives 15GB of best and free storage with a great option for larger capacity with a monthly paid subscription. It is one of the great Google Drive alternative 2019.

Include Features:-

  • Changes video playback to internet speed
  • Save notebooks to OneDrive
  • Edit Office docs online together
  • Browse animated GIFs & search for text in pictures
  • Online viewing for Office documents
  • Upload many multimedia from mobile devices
  • Design & share any type of folders
  • And automatic camera roll back up

Free storage: 15GB

Price for 115GB: $1.99/month (OneDrive + 100)

#7. BitCasa

bitcasa | google drive alternative

BitCasa is a best and free external hard drive in the cloud. There is no genuine and real difference between the cloud and your hard drive and the great news is that BitCasa gives infinite storage.

It works seamlessly by synchronizing all type of your devices – your computer, phone, tablet, and laptop – so you can easily access your files everywhere.

File sharing, even for large data will be fast and too simple. And also BitCasa gives 20GB of great and free storage and subscription will start from 1TB up to unlimited storage for a fair and reasonable price.

BitCasa is one of the excellent Google Drive alternatives which has unlimited data storage.

Include Features:-

  • Infinite great hard drive
  • Access Anywhere
  • Safe data and files
  • Very easy sharing
  • Easy to use
  • Syncing up

Free storage: 20GB

Price for 1TB: $10/month (infinite storage $99/month)

#8. pCloud  

pCloud | google drive alternative

pCloud is Swiss-based great cloud storage service that gives all of the essential and best features of sharing and storage.

It is a platform that appears to put plenty of emphasis on high-level security in terms of data sharing and data protection.

pCloud has a really user-friendly interface. When you install it on your PC, it performs what they call a great “secure virtual drive” which increases the size or capacity of your local storage space.

Include Features:-

  • Great file management
  • Data sharing
  • High security
  • File versioning
  • File and data backup

#9. Hubic

hubic | google drive alternative

Hubic is one of the great and free alternatives to Google Drive because of its excellent security functions.

Apart from giving users with regular file or data storage and sharing great services, it places a high emphasis on the privacy of your any type of data.

Uploads and downloads are possible through the web application or the desktop application.

This platform is given by a great French cloud storage service and is make sure and must-pick when it becomes to have an active, dynamic and efficient cloud storage system.

You can do quite a plenty of great things with Hubic and these are not limited to data backup, multi-data syncing and file sharing and support for many devices adding Linux.

Include Features:-

  • 25GB of best and free backup
  • Great backup & storage hybrid
  • Dirt cheap 100GB & 10TB plans
  • Not subject to U.S. regulations
  • Generous referral excellent program

#10. Spider Oak One

spider oak one | google drive alternative

This is one of the best and free Google Drive alternative for everyone to keep any type of data always secure. Spider Oak is a great alternative that also puts a lot more focus on strict data security.

It gives end-to-end encryption and Zero-knowledge encryption. If you are a user of this great cloud storage service you will have better control and management over your preferences and settings.

For businesses, Spider Oak is excellent, particularly for those who value privacy and security as important to their business success.

It’s also is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows as well as iOS and Android.

Include Features:-

  • Backup unlimited computers(PC)
  • Sync files and data across computers
  • Great file sharing options
  • Individual or private encryption
  • Average backup speed
  • Unlimited and excellent historical versions
  • Unlimited deleted file or data memory
  • Great command line option


Therefore, that’s all about 10 best Google Drive alternative 2019. So as you have seen, best and free many Google Drive alternatives described above are remarkable.

If you think that Google Drive is not the best or right cloud storage for you then you should definitely consider one or more of the above great and free cloud services. These Google Drive alternative did great work to secure your all personal information and files.

And if you also know some other Google Drive alternative so feel free to tell us in the comment section. We always love to hear from you.



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