Google Drive: Work, Benefits And Google Drive vs Google Docs

There is no doubt in this question that Google gifted its users one more great application that offers a large amount of storage and benefits to its users today.

About Google Drive

Google Drive is a wonderful application from Google. It is developed by Google family on 24th April 2012. It has almost 24 million users. This drive offers you storage capacity and syncing service.

Allows their users to keep photos, stories recording, videos and much more. Google Drive provides a 15GB storage device to its users. It keeps all your data in an ultra-safe mode. You can function it anytime from your tablets, PC or mobile phones.

A Major feature in Google Drive is Syncing. If you paste anything It will upload in Google Drive. You also have unlimited service of uploading photos or videos through the access of internet.

Benefits Of Google Drive

Google Drive is a very useful App. One can see their content easily Editing, or creating documents and accessing is the part of Google Drive.

So here are some benefits of Google Drive;

  1. It backup all your data, files, photos, recording and videos etc safely.
  2. You can send the large file to your contacts directly in your Google account.
  3. If you are using the internet you can also access your files anywhere.
  4. You can make changes to your file anytime.
  5. It also has another feature of sharing your file, photos etc to your family or friends and they have an option to like and comment.

What Is The Work Of Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online storage application. In the basic version of this drive, you will get 15 GB free data. You will also get storage capacity once you subscribe to its paid service.

It saves everything in the drive. This drive also gives you the option to access from any device android phone, Tablets, PCs etc. you just have login your account ID password and you can take backup anytime.

It has a different software application. One can create different folders on that drive. Photos, videos will automatically be saved in the drive.

Paid Subscription Plan 


COST (Per Year)

100MB Rs. 1300
1TB Rs.  6,000
2TB Rs.  1300 (per month)

Difference Between Google Drive And Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Drive basic version is free for its users. Its storage capacity for basic version is 15GB. Its function is to store all documents in It is very economical you will not lose any file in this drive.

 One of the most influential features in Google Drive is what you are searching for will exactly be there. It also has the ability to open files and format that is not supported by the computer. It only functions that if you are accessed with the internet.

Google Docs

Google docs are also called Microsoft word. You can also edit the document or file anytime and you can share your file directly to your friends or in office. This drives have all Microsoft office functions and file like and Google sheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Different users work at the same time  It has multiple version of documents. There is no such problem of losing data. When the document has been completed, you can save into the desktop as a word, office etc

What Are The Types Of Files Stored In Google Drive?

Google Drive covers a world in it. It provides you with a large amount of storage in it. Saves all different files including videos, photos, document etc.

These are the following files that can be stored in Google Drive.

  1. An Email will be attached and save directly in the drive.
  2. It needs to be 100 MB to convert the presentation into Google Drive.
  3. Spreadsheets also need to be up to 2-5 million or smaller to convert it into google sheetsIts file size is up to 5TB.

These are some supported files;

  1. Adobe
  2. Microsoft Word files
  3. General files

How To Download Google Drive On The PC?

It allows you to sync and upload files from the desktop. It gives various other services and the way of connecting to each other. Google Drives have other application which comes under it – google+, Google docs, etc.

Friends can also comment on the images or other things you have uploaded. You can also purchase for more storage space if you needed.

There are some to download Google Drive:

1 Step- Go to the browser and type drive download if you want to install.

2 Step- Then sign into Google Drive account.

3 Step- Go to the left-hand side corner and click on the icon “install drive for computer”.

4 Step- Click on run.

5 Step- Pop-up will appear in your desktop.

6 Step- Then click on the start button and choose Google Drive from there.

7 Step- Sign in with your password and Id.

How To Check Your Photos In Google Drive?

Google Drive will save all your photos and videos but if you have deleted your Google photos then it will automatically be deleted from the drive.

Here are some simple ways you can see your photos;

  • Open Google Drive app from your Mobile phones, PC’s or Tablets.
  • Then go to the top left corner and click on the Menu.
  • Then the settings page will open. You can see all your photos and videos.

Google Drive Plugin

Google plugin is the new application launched by Google. It will save all your files and folders directly to Google Drive. This drive gives all in one function such as MS Word, Excel, PPT etc. It also gives an option to edit your document or content in Google online Apps.

Google Drive can also be used as Microsoft Office. It needs a paid subscription after a while. Your work will automatically save. There is no need of using Control+S to save your document.

How To Install A Plugin?

  • Go to the browser plugin and click the download option.
  • Then double-click on DriveForOffice.exe.
  • You can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook in it.
  • Sign in your google account to run the application.
  • At last click the option Accept.

How To Uninstall Plugin?

  • In your home page Go to click Start button-go to Control Panel click on the option Uninstall Program.
  • Go to program list click on application Google Drive plugin.
  • In the menu bar Click Uninstall option.

How Can We Make Google Drive Shortcut On The Desktop?

You can put your document to the other folder if you have created the shortcut of the document. To create shortcuts in your Starred folder you just have to mark your documents, but shortcuts cannot be moved to other folders. If you will changes in one file the changes will occur in other files too.

Here are some steps to create Google Drive shortcut on the desktop –

  • Go to start menu and click on the browser Google Chrome.
  • Then type the link you want to create on the desktop.
  • Click on the setting option in chrome then go to tools option and select create application Shortcut.
  • Click on the dialogue box that will appear.
  • The Select desktop option then clicks add.

Ending Words

We all thing that we have laptops and there is enough storage device then why we need to take more storage but if, your PC, or laptop incorrupt and breaks down than also your all data will be saved and secure in your Google Drive account.

It is the very useful and information organization. Deals with cloud-based storage. You can edit or share unlimited photos and videos, files etc. It the drive which is also known as for backing up and syncing. It is an online storage application.  

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