Comparison Between E-commerce Platforms: Which One Is Best Option For You?

comparison between e-commerce platforms

Have you ever think which e-commerce platform is the best option for you? Then don’t worry about it because here WinTechy will describe the best e-commerce platforms for developing your website. And also tell you the comparison between best e-commerce platforms.

What is an E-commerce Platform?

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is that what is an e-commerce platform? An e-commerce platform is a part of the software that enables you to create an online store and run a successful business online.

It provides you the tools to build and maintain your website adding best products and day-to-day operations. Most if not all e-commerce builders or developers use drag and drop functions.

Why Should You Use an E-commerce Platform?

There are many reliable and different reasons to use e-commerce platforms. But here we have discussed are the most important ones:

1.) Easy (For Beginners)

So if you wanted an online store, you had to create the best functionality yourself. Next, there were shopping carts but you still had to have developer skills or abilities to mix them into your website.

So for this, we have the best plugins. With the best e-commerce platforms, you get everything in one hand and can get started right away.

2.) Inexpensive or Cheap

E-commerce platforms are not too much expensive, some of them even cost zero or nothing. While you definitely have times when operating an online shop.

It’s much less than developing or growing your own solution from scratch. With this, the more you pay, the more of your business can you normally hand over to technical solutions.

3.) One Solution Fits/Provides All

Particularly when going with a hosted solution, you are capable to let go of more parts of running your website.

No need to deal with security, updates, likes and web hosting. Rather, you are capable to simply focus on building your business.

4.) Customer Support Available Always

Open source solutions such as WordPress are usually community driven and you are therefore dependent on that community to give support.

While that can also work more and very well. And if you are in desperate need of help at 2 or 3 am on a Sunday, it guarantees it will be always there.

What E-commerce Platform Best Options are There?

There are 3 best and main ways to distinguish the different types of e-commerce platforms and they are as follows:-

  • Open Source
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • CaaS (Commerce as a Service)

And with this, there are two great ways in which e-commerce platforms give the best hosting environment for their customers.

Because all online business needs the best hosting environment on which to run their website. So the two great types of hosting environments are:-

  • Cloud: Hosted Elsewhere
  • On-Premise: Self-hosted on your business premises

Comparison Between E-commerce Platforms

Our best and top e-commerce platforms are based on best objective performance data, great feature set and, wonderful value. So from great and cool marketing features to drool-worthy SEO, amazing multichannel functionality, and more. Compare these top and best e-commerce platforms.

Best E-commerce Platforms Overview Features Buy Now
wix stores | e-commerce platforms
  • Tons of always free, wonderful themes
  • Free best plan available
  • Tons of great templates
  • HTML5 editor
  • Easy-to-use online payments
  • Best drag-and-drop interface
  • Automatic website builder
  • 100s of best designer-made templates
  • Customizable amazing designs
  • Reliable and free hosting
  • Optimized mobile view
Try WiX for free
shopify | e-commerce platforms
  • Active load time
  • Super simple set up
  • 1-click selling best apps available
  • High speed and load times
  • Set up over a weekend
  • Custom domain name
  • Add-ons
  • Excellent design
  • Unlimited best products
  • Unlimited and great bandwidth and online storage
  • Shopify point of sale
  • Online nice sales channels
  • Fraud analysis
Try Shopify for free
bigcommerce | e-commerce platforms
  • Wonderful management tools
  • Great marketing options
  • Loads of Applications
  • Supports many currencies
  • 24/7 support
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Excels with best multi-channel selling
  • Great SEO performance
  • Choose the best and fast e-commerce template
  • Customize your site
  • Migrate your store and import your great products
  • Focus on selling with a wonderful hosted e-commerce site
Try Bigcommerce for free
volusion | e-commerce platforms
  • The natural and real interface
  • Combining inventory
  • Always customer support
  • Best on-boarding / help center
  • Subscription/recurring payments added
  • SMB friendly
  • Wonderful online store and great shopping cart
  • Built-in marketing tools, coupons and such as SEO
  • Social and mobile commerce added
  • Hosting and best security added
  • Always unlimited customer support
Try Volusion for free
3dcart | e-commerce platforms
  • Unlimited great product storage options
  • Full range of great payment gateways supported
  • Great phone support and chat
  • Excellent blog feature than Shopify
  • Tons of integrations
  • Big business management tools
  • One stop best shop
  • Mobile and social ready
  • 24x7x365 great expert support
  • Regularly updated
  • 100+ best conversion optimized themes
  • Free 24/7 customer support
Try 3dcart for free
squarespace | e-commerce platforms
  • Simple to set up
  • Big for simple stores
  • Beautiful & attractive template designs
  • Best analytics
  • Great marketing tools
  • Affordable
  • No, any transaction fees
  • Best and modern templates
  • Great templates switching
  • Built-in mobile sites
  • Customizable amazing content layouts
  • Responsive best image loader
Try Squarespace for free
woocommerce | e-commerce platforms
  • A solid platform for SEO
  • 1-click selling best apps available
  • Plenty of best service providers
  • It’s always free
  • Based on WordPress
  • Coupon codes
  • Email marketing
  • Clean and modern interface
  • Advanced experience for store owners
  • WordPress best content integration
  • Pre-installed easy payment gateways
  • Total control of the checkout process
Try WooCommerce for free
magento | e-commerce platforms
  • Robust and great feature rich
  • Great SEO
  • 1-click selling applications available
  • User-friendly
  • Scalable
  • Excellent feature-intensive
  • Great site management
  • Excellent catalog management
  • Best catalog browsing
  • Amazing product browsing
  • Checkout, easy payment, and shipping
  • Order management
Try Magento for free
prestashop | e-commerce platforms
  • Tons of applications available
  • Powerful SEO
  • Always free and flexible
  • Slower load times
  • Including unlimited best features values to your products
  • Let you the capacity to sort the best features values for each of your product
  • And choose your own separator type
  • Always easy to use web interface even for general catalogs
Try PrestaShop for free


Therefore that’s all about the comparison between e-commerce platforms and which one is the best option for you? So it is difficult to say which one of them is good for developing your business or website. Because is all good at their place with their best features.

So you can use the platform that you think is right for your business and website.

Hope you like this guide or information. And if you have any question or queries and suggestions, so feel free to tell us in the comment section.



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