Tips And Tricks Of iPhone

tips and tricks of iphone

As we all know the iPhone is the most used mobile Phone. Nowadays many peoples use iPhone. But you do not know that there are some great and easy tips and tricks of iPhone that make your phone more useful.

So for iPhone users, we are here to show some great tips and tricks of the iPhone. In this useful guide, we will feature 10 wonderful tricks of the iPhone. Whether you are new to iPhone and excited to try out each available best option on the iPhone.

Tips & Tricks Of iPhone Device

These best tips and tricks of the iPhone will improve your experience while using your iPhone device.

iPhone has a large variety of great models and versions, which gives it more challenging to find hidden tips and tricks of the iPhone that will be compatible over all devices.

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#1. Stop The Music With A Timer

So do you like to listen to music when going into your bed for the night but usually sleep off without switching the iPhone off? So you can use a timer to help you to shut down the music. This is one of the easy and best tips and tricks of iPhone.

To do this:-

  • First, simply click on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends.
  • Scroll down and click Stop Playing.
  • Then, easily set a timer (say 30 mins) and click Start.
  • Now you may simply play any type of music and it will be automatically turned off after 30 mins.

#2. Improve Your Passcode Security

You can unlock your iPhone with your face or fingerprint, depending on which great model you have, but your iPhone device is only secure when if nobody can know or guess your passcode.

iOS now helps users to generate a six-digit passcode rather of the four-digit passcode, but there is a more complicated way to make your iOS(iPhone) device more secure: so simply for this using an alphanumeric passcode.

This means that you can use both numbers and letters in your password. It’s somewhat easy to change your passcode to an alphanumeric one. This useful tips and tricks of iPhone are too easy to implement on your phone.

To do this:-

  • Firstly open the Settings application.
  • Then click ‘Touch ID and Passcode’, and then simply Change Passcode.
  • When prompted to enter a new passcode, simply click ‘Passcode Options’ and choose ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’.
  • And now enter your new strong passcode. And make sure it’s one you can always remember.

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#3. Type Emoji With Shortcuts

So if you love to use different Emoji in messaging but you don’t like to change the virtual keyboards repeatedly, then try this great trick to type different Emoji with alphabets shortcuts. These type of tips and tricks of iPhone always been in the top list.

To do this:-

  • First, go to the Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.
  • And then go to the iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut.
  • Now insert a generally used different Emoji in Phrase.
  • And finally, insert a text in Shortcut which will be used to convert to different Emoji.

#4. Start A Group FaceTime Call

You’ve apparently FaceTimed a million times with your close friends and family, but have you ever FaceTimed many of them together? So for this here are some great tips and tricks of the iPhone. And because of this, you can do this easily.

To do this:-

  • Firstly open the FaceTime application on your iPhone.
  • Then simply click the + button on the top right of your iPhone screen.
  • And then enter the number or name of the person you want to call first.
  • Now enter up to 30 extra contacts.
  • Finally, audio or video to place your FaceTime call.

#5. Add Multiple Faces to Face ID

The new and best iPhone Xs, XR, Xs Max, and the newly discontinued iPhone X all use Face ID to unlock your device.

Earlier on iOS 11, the technology could just recognize a single face, so anyone else who uses your iPhone would have to enter a passcode to unlock your iPhone.

Just as you could register many fingerprints with Touch ID for past iPhones, Apple now gives you register many faces to unlock a single device.

To do this:-

  • First, click Settings.
  • Click Face ID & Passcode.
  • And then type in your passcode.
  • Now simply click Set Up an Alternate Appearance.
  • And finally, scan your face and just follow the prompts.

#6. Set Custom Vibrations On Your iPhone

So want to know who’s calling you without getting your phone out of your pocket? This is also very good and useful tips and trick of iPhone.

So that’s easy – simply select a ringtone to a contact. But what about doing it all quietly? Not only can you select a custom text tone or ringtone to a contact, but you can also even give them a great custom vibration pattern.

To do this:-

  • First, open Contacts or Phone.
  • Choose a contact.
  • Click the Edit button in the top-right corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Then scroll down to find the ringtone field; below it is a custom vibration field.
  • Click Vibration and you’ll see a variety of built-in great vibration patterns you can pick from.
  • Further down is the ability to include a custom pattern: click Create New Vibration, and you can tap on the iPhone screen to create your own rhythm.
  • So finally when you’re happy, then click Save to set the pattern.

#7. Send Multiple Photos/Pictures At Once In Messages & Mail

You don’t like to include and send photos one by one in email or messaging? So don’t worry try this tips and tricks of iPhone. With this, you all easily know how you can send multiple pictures at one go from your iPhone with just a few easy taps.

To do this:-

  • To start, on your iPhone, and click on the ‘Photos’ icon and pick from which album you want to choose your photos from.
  • Then, simply click on ‘Edit’ on the upper right corner in your iPhone screen.
  • And then choose all the photos that you want to send by tapping on the photos.
  • Now chosen photos or pictures will have a red check near the bottom right corner on your iPhone screen.
  • At the bottom left corner of your iPhone screen, simply click on Share. And then press Copy.
  • Finally, by pressing copy, you have copied all of the photos or pictures you selected to the clipboard.

#8. Hide Unused Apple App Icons

One thing is to confirm that there are many stock applications that you do not use or need at all.

And the bad thing is that you’re not allowed to delete them from your iPhone. And the good thing is that we have easy tips and trick of iPhone to hide them, without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

To do this:-

  • To hide your stock applications, finding ‘Widget’ and just click on ‘Hide Stocks‘.
  • You’ll then get a quick to install ‘Stocks Hide’. Click on Install.
  • The ‘Stocks Hide’ application should be installing.
  • But after some seconds woops, the app failed to install.
  • Do not be scared, as this is supposed to happen sometimes.
  • Now click on Done to continue.
  • Now click and hold an icon to go into the Wiggle mode – as if you’re going to delete an application.
  • You’ll see X’s at the top of the Stocks application!
  • Then delete the stock applications that has been holding up your iPhone home screen space to hide them.
  • And that is it, your Stocks application will be gone.

#9. Delete Last Digit in Calculator App

Entered a wrong digit in the Calculator application? Instead of clicking the Clear [C] button, you can simply swipe your finger to the right or left of the numbers to clear or remove the last digit.

And each swipe will clear or remove the last digit until the number becomes zero.

#10. Maximize Battery Life

Maximize your iPhone battery life is one of the useful tricks of iPhone. So for this here we have some easy and useful tips and tricks of iPhone to maximize battery life.

To do this:-

  • First, go to the Settings > Battery.
  • Then simply scroll down the page to the section that shows the Last 24 hours, and the Last 4 Days.

And here you’ll see details about which application used the most battery.

Apple also gives up Insights and Suggestions or Ideas to help you save your iPhone battery life in the section above. This could add turning down the iPhone screen brightness or allowing auto-lock.


Thus, we have discussed useful tips and tricks of iPhone. You can use these all tips to make your iPhone more useful. If you know any more and great tips and tricks, so feel free to tell us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share it with your Friends or Peers!



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